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This Week's Recipes: Blood Orange Cocktail and Palomas with Sage

I'm 115 recipes into the 366 recipes for the year. Woohoo for almost hitting the 1/3 mark only 1/4 of the way through the year.

Surprisingly, I don't cocktail much at home. My home-bar is pretty well stocked and yet I rarely make a fancy cocktail. Craft cocktails are a huge hit right now, so I am going to change that up moving forward. Here are a couple of drinks that I tried at home. They were both pink and delicious!

  • Basil Infused Blood Orange Cocktail - This was a tasty little number. And gorgeous to look at! Whole Foods had some awesome blood oranges in the produce aisle. I used the juice of one orange to make a single cocktail. I left out the simple syrup as I have a strange aversion to drinking sugar in cocktails. I don't like a sweet drink.

  • Ruby Red Grapefruit and Sage Paloma - I substituted basil for sage. I rarely cook with sage so it is extremely rare for me to have any fresh in the house. I'm sure this drink is just as good with sage as it was with basil. The basil was very nice with the grapefruit.

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