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This Week's Recipes: Baked Eggs with Onions and Radishes with Goat Cheese

The New York Times cooking page has recently become one of my favorite sources for recipes. Most of the recipes are easy and very original compared to a lot of other recipe sites out there. The Baked Eggs with Onions and Cheese has not only become a favorite dinner item, but I also cut the recipe way down and make an individual serving for breakfast. It's just awesome!

Baked Eggs with Onions - I tried this both with and without adding some ham. I think it's better with ham, but really delicious as is, too.

Radishes with Goat Cheese - I made this with the substitution of blue cheese for goat cheese. I omitted the mint, because I don't think it's a match with blue cheese. I will try it with goat cheese, but it was so good with blue cheese I just couldn't wait to share it. In addition to radishes, it's delicious on cucumbers.

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