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144 Entree and Main Dish Recipes


If I could eat tacos for every meal, I think I would...


Sometimes on Sundays I will roast or grill a couple of pounds of chicken breasts to have on hand throughout the week. I slice them up and toss them into lunches, make a quick skillet pasta, or add to a salad.


Eggs for a main meal are a real lifesaver when you're staring into an empty fridge.


I'm getting better at making pork. It's so versatile and always makes for great leftovers. But too often the portions of pork are so large at the store. Pork chops and ribs come nicely portioned out.


I tell myself I'm going to make seafood at least once a week, but living in land-locked Denver often means the meat counters don't offer many options. And since I have a favorite salmon recipe that is made a couple times per month, I don't branch out too often.


Ironically, my least favorite protein, turkey, yielded one of my most favorite recipes of the year!


I love a good main dish that is veggie packed! When I'm cooking for just myself, my main meal is almost always veggie based.

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