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All 395 Recipes from 2016

I did it! I kept my New Year’s resolution from December 31, 2015. Throughout 2016, I wanted to make 366 new and different recipes – one for each day. I actually hit 366 around mid-November and ended up at 395 recipes. I haven't included any recipes from a cookbook; the list only includes the recipes found on the internet.

I modified quite a few of the dishes to my preferences, but the modifications were usually minor – swap zoodles for pasta, olive oil for butter, Greek yogurt for sour cream. Otherwise, I tried to follow directions and ingredients as written.

I undeniably learned a few lessons in this project!

The Good – there are a zillion recipes on the internet! If you’re trying to make anything at all, even the craziest of ideas, ask the Google or Pinterest. You will most likely find that someone has already been there, done that. Chocolate Salami, Fried Milk, Kool-Aid Pickles? All right here.

The Bad – there are a zillion recipes on the internet! Some of them are ridiculously poorly written. As one recipe instructed, bake a thin cut pork chop 18-20 per side. Hmph. That is a crazy long time for any cut of meat. For comparison, you can roast a small chicken in 45-50 minutes.

The Ugly – there are a zillion recipes on the internet! I wanted to try them all. I became obsessed with making a list of lists of what I tried and wanted to try next. And my list is still growing. (Plus, I think my household of two collectively gained a couple of pant sizes over the year. Yikes...)

As you will probably notice on the list, I eat a lot of eggs, chicken, cauliflower, and cucumbers! Looking forward to branching out in the New Year.

All the links to the categorized recipes and all my favorites are listed below. I hope you find something new you'd like to try in 2017!

Happy New Year!

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